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Characteristics of PET material used in membrane switch panel

  1. Sufficient membrane switch button life( more than 5 million times);

2.Super abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, chemical resistance and cleaning agent resistance performance;

3.Special chemical treatment is done on the printing surface of the material, so the ink has strong adhesion after printing;

4.Transparent windows can be easily printed on the window liquid Windotex and sand Autotex panel materials;

5.Use sand surface paint Fototex and smooth Autoflex panel material to be silk-printed into sand surface;

6.IT has mechanical properties with high bending resistance, and can be embossed;

7.Good appearance and dimensional stability;

8.Excellent weather resistance;

9.High sensitivity strong binding force and convenient operation;

10. High transparency, strong adhesion of double-sided ink, uniform thickness and smooth surface;