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How to identify the quality of membrane switches

There are many kinds of membrane switches, including flat, raised, flexible,rigid, etc. The manufacture of membrane switches has certain requirements for the panel. The panel is a decoration of the appearance of the product and can play a protective effect. Therefore, when customizing the panel, the film must meet certain conditions to produce a good membrane switch. So , how can we identify the quality of the membrane switch is good or bad?

A high-quality membrane switch must first have a beautiful appearance, flat appearance, common gloss, no mechanical operation, scratches, inclusions or stains and other appearance defects.

Secondly, the weather resistance should be good, and under certain natural environmental conditions, it should not be deformed, cracked, aging, and discolored. It has good chemical resistance, and the panel layer can touch different chemicals, but for common but must chemical, such as alcohols, ether, and mineral oils, it should have a certain resistance.

The above is the method that membrane switch manufacturers share with customers who need membrane switch requirements on how to identify the quality of membrane switches, you can contact us.

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