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Introduction of Backlight Membrane Switch Parameters

The general backlight membrane switch parameters and standards are as follows:

1. There is no ink scattered in the printed handwriting, no incompleteness, no creases, and no scratches in the handwriting.

2. Backlight membrane switches, indicator lights and panel substrates must be carefully selected, which will directly affect the effect of light transmission. The substrate is selected from Autitype EGB180 (British Kotutai glossy material). The indicator light is generally made of high-quality materials with clear light transmission. (Everlight LED), the handwriting is remarkable.

3. Adhesive selection for backlit membrane switches. Food-grade 3M adhesive is used as the adhesive to ensure that under the environment of -60-80, it will not fall off under normal conditions of use for 20-30 years when pasted on the plastic surface.

4. The appearance is strictly in accordance with the drawings, performance and other requirements, and special attention should be paid to the inspection.

5. Connector model, usually 2.54mm pin.

All technical requirements, etc. comply with nationally recognized standards.