Digital print front panel membrane switch keypad for electronic toy

Digital print front panel membrane switch keypad for electronic toy

There are two commonly used production methods for membrane switch: 

Screen printing and Digital printing. 

Both are excellent printing methods, but the two are more or less different. 

First of all, we explain Digital printing, which is more of a method of using AI 

files to convert digital slave devices to print product patterns.

Its biggest feature is that the color can be gradually changed.

The production cost will be lower than Screen printing, when the production quantity is higher. 

Its main feature is the color formed by CMYK, rather than pure pantone or RAL color.

Features of digital printing membrane switch keypad

1.Gradient colors.

2.The key life can reach 1,000,000 times.

3.It is moisture-proof, water-proof, chemical-proof, and can withstand extreme weather.

4.When mass production, the cost is more affordable than silk printing membrane switch.

Custom membrane switch keypads options

A wide range of options are available to ensure that the switch membrane is tailored to your exact requirements, 

from tactile feedback of the membrane switches to encapsulated components. 

Please see below for a list of options to consider.

  • Backing plates: a wide range of materials and finishes are available

  • Colours: virtually any requirement can be met either with Pantone references or matching to samples

  • Connection: our standard SIL 2.54mm/0.1” pitch female connector, or custom pitch without connector

  • Embossing: Braille, bubble, logo, pillow or rim embossing

  • Encapsulated components: a wide range of surface mount LED’s and resistors can be fitted

  • Illumination: we can provide an EL insert for back-lighting in low light conditions

  • Shielding: additional ground plane to protect against EMI/RFI emissions and ESD

  • Tactile feedback: dome embossing, steel dome inserts or non-tactile

  • Windows: clear or coloured, varnished for clarity or diffused