Copper Flex Membrane Switches

Copper Flex Membrane Switches

The Copper Flex Membrane Switch constructions are ideal for smaller designs, where space is at a premium, 

or where dense circuit patterns or trace routing limitations exist. 

Copper Flex membrane keypads utilize silver or copper layers which are laminated to a dielectric layer and etched away.

This switching technology combines the ability to accommodate the complex circuit patterns 

of a FR4 rigid printed circuit board with the flexibility of a membrane switch. 

Copper Flex keypads also have the advantage of being able to “hard” solder both active and passive components into the assembly, 

making it a good choice in high-vibration environments.

Copper Flex membrane switch panels can be produced using polyester or polyimide (Kapton) as the base material depending on your interface requirements. 

A very thin sheet of copper is laminated to the flexible film substrate then chemically etched away, leaving copper traces. 

Copper Flex membrane switches offer you a variety of design options:

  • Single and double sided designs

  • Lower electrical resistance and higher conductivity vs. traditional Silver Flex membrane switches

  • Tight trace routing capabilities

  • Thin profile and flexibility of Silver Flex membrane switch

  • Plating options can be tin-lead, nickel, or gold

  • Tactile and non-tactile with either metal or polyester tactile domes

  • LED’s and other components can be soldered