Illuminated EL lamps backlighting membrane switch keypad panel

Illuminated EL lamps backlighting membrane switch keypad panel

EL lamps contain phosphors, which convert electrical energy directly into light energy. 

The high efficiency of this conversion minimizes power consumption and losses due to heat or IR emissions. 

EL backlighting devices consequently consume relatively little power under normal operation. 

They are best suited for low and no light applications where the backlight is not always on, 

because the phosphors tend to decay with extended use at high voltages and frequencies. 

The useful life of an EL lamp will vary depending on the quality of the phosphors and how hard the lamp is being driven.

Some additional features and design considerations for EL lamps are:

  • EL lamps consume very little power

  • Provides uniform, balanced backlighting of the entire membrane switch area

  • Requires a DC to AC inverter to operate

  • Thin profile and durability make it suitable for most membrane switch constructions

  • Limited color options are available

EL lamps backlighting are lower priced compared to optical fibers and offer additional design flexibility. 

EL lamps are best suited for applications where the back light is a minimum requirement, 

because the phosphors tend to decay with extended use at high voltages and frequencies. 

Thus EL lamps are not a good choice if the lamp is on for an extended period of time.

One of the ways to enhance the user experience and differentiate your equipment from the competition is to incorporate backlightinginto the membrane switch design. 

Backlighting involves strategically placing lights into the membrane switch construction to make keypads, legends, and displays easier to read. 

There are specific cosmetic and cost advantages and disadvantages to be considered, based on the backlighting method employed. 

Pannam can guide you in the most cost-effective backlighting technique for your user-interface assembly, 

and offers a complete range of backlighting technologies:Light Guide Film (LGF),Light Emitting Diodes (LED),Electroluminescent (EL) Lighting,.Fiber Optic Lighting.

Tiantai also offers other backlighting membrane switch options such as a dead-front area, which features icons that are invisible until luminated.