Customized & Design&Manufacturing printing rubber buttons silicone keypad for POS machine

Customized & Design&Manufacturing printing rubber buttons silicone keypad for POS machine 

Why use Silicone Rubber Keypads?

Silicone rubber Keypads allow product designers to add shape, colour and 3D form to any keypad design. With low part cost keypads manufactured from silicone rubber offer wide operating temperature range, Long life, and robust sealing capabilities, along with the ability to tune tactile response to match end user's expectations.

Precautions for custom silicone keypad:

Snap Ratio: The Snap Ratio of the keyboard will affect the tactile feedback and product life. Generally, TianTai recommends that the Snap Ratio be controlled at 40%-60%. If it is less than 40%, the life will be longer, but there is no feeling. In China, we will also call it a trip. The lower the trip, the longer the life span and the worse the tactile feedback.

Shore: The hardness is best to choose 30A-85A, if it is lower than 30A, the defective rate is higher and the product cost is more expensive. If it is higher than 85A, the silica gel is hard and easily broken.

Conventional rubber keyboard processing: Usually, PU or hand-feeling oil makes the printing life of the silicone surface longer. Epoxy treatment: The product becomes more beautiful. Conductive or non-conductive rubber keypad. Multiple color options. Phosphorescent "glow-in-the-dark" material additives. Silkscreen printed keys. Laser-etched keys. Hard coating. Epoxy coating. Environmental shielding options. Printed or laser-etched legends. Printed circuit board assembly.