Customized & Design printing rubber keyboard silicone keypad with conductive pill

Customized & Design printing rubber keyboard silicone keypad with conductive pill

The rubber silicone keypads contacts are relatively economic and reliable option when compare to membrane switches or other material, 

because it's made of high elastic, nontoxic silicone rubber compounds that can be massive produced by compression or injection modeling. 

The ease-shaped silicone rubber keypads provide great convenience for integrating with the printed circuit boards (PCB) in any form. Moreover, 

the sensitivity and the tactile feedback can be adjusted to satisfy the operator's need. Due to its excellent characteristics, the rubber silicone switch

is utilized in various industries to satisfy cost, reliability, and ergonomic/ cosmetic styling needs.

Keypad design options include:

  • Custom Shapes and Surface Finishes

  • Various Key Travel and Actuation Forces

  • Back Lighting, Light Pipes and Clear Windows

  • One Piece Construction

  • Sealing Features and Wrap Around Designs (sealed against dust, liquids and gases)

  • High Quality Graphics/Colors

Areas of application

Silicone rubber keypads can be found in almost all mobile devices. Remote controls and other handheld devices are almost always equipped with 

silicone rubber keypads, both in the consumer sector and in commercial applications. A keyboard layout with a silicone rubber keypad is also particularly

suitable for devices in areas of application in which they come into contact with water and dust, since the rubber keypad is absolutely leak-proof and 

can be easilymanufactured with a circumferential seal. Flat variants are often used in medical applications because they are easy to clean and disinfect. 

And silicone rubber keypads are also often used in classic typing keyboards.